Local governance for poverty reduction in Africa : AGF-V concept paper

Abstract: This concept paper highlights issues in local governance, including: (1) political leadership and participation; (2) access and equity in social service delivery; (3) fiscal decentralization and financial management; and (4) a framework for action linking local governance and poverty reduction.

Author(s): Saasa, Oliver S.; Teixeira, Alfredo; Othman

Source(s): , 33 p., ill., map, tab

Published: 2002 United nations development programme (UNDP). African governance forum (AGF)], [New York, NY etc.] (English


Link: http://www.unep.org/training/programmes/Instructor%20Version/Part_2/Activities/Interest_Groups/Decision-Making/Supplemental/Local_Governance_for_Poverty_Reduction_in_Africa.pdf

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