Poverty, policies and perceptions in Tanzania : an evaluation of Dutch aid to two district rural development programmes

Abstract: This evaluation examines the extent to which interventions supported by the Netherlands in the framework of the District Rural Development Programmes in Tanzania have addressed the fundamental causes of rural poverty as perceived by the various stakeholders in the programmes.

Author(s): Bartelink, Alexander A.; Aarden, Ton

Source(s): , IOB evaluations; 296 xii, 171 p., ill., graphs, maps, tabs, 25 cm IOB evaluations 296

Published: 2004 Ministry of foreign affairs. Policy and operations evaluation department (IOB), The Hague (English

ISBN/ISSN: 90-5328-337-4/

Link: http://www.euforic.org/iob/docs/200409071439567376.pdf?&username=guest@euforic.org&password=9999&groups=IOB&&username=staff1@euforic.org&password=4e05eeca33cbb4723c53b96210ac4cc4&groups=IOB

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