A review of tools for incorporating community knowledge, preferences, and values into decision making in natural resources management

Abstract: The authors survey and evaluate selected participatory tools that have been proven effective in natural resources management and research with forest communities. Based on an analysis framework, each tool is evaluated and its strengths, weaknesses and adaptability examined.

Author(s): Lynam, Timothy

Source(s): , Ecology and society (E&S); vol. 12, nr. 1 [15] p., ill., tabs Ecology and society (E&S) vol. 12, nr. 1

Published: 2007 Resilience alliance, [Waterloo] (English

ISBN/ISSN: [1708-3087]/

Link: http://www.ecologyandsociety.org/vol12/iss1/art5/ES-2007-1987.pdf

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