Voluntary guidelines for good governance in land and natural resource tenure : civil society perspectives

Abstract: This paper examines the FAO initiative to adopt guidelines for land and natural resources tenure from a civil society’s point of view, highlighting the role of a human rights framework to improve such a governance system and to make it accountable, transparent, democratic and participatory.

Author(s): Suárez, Sofía Monsalve; Osorio, Leticia Marques; Langford, Malcolm

Source(s): , Land tenure working paper; 8 iv, 79 p Land tenure working paper 8

Published: 2009 Food and agriculture organization of the United nations (FAO), Rome (English


Link: http://www.fian.org/recursos/publicaciones/documentos/voluntary-guidelines-for-good-governance-in-land-and-natural-resource-tenure/pdf

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