Exploring the measurement and effectiveness of the local public sector : toward a classification of local public sector finances and a comparison of devolved and deconcentrated finances

Abstract: This paper discusses how we can arrive at a consistent classification of (local) public expenditures and revenues that allows us to identify what share of public expenditures is spent within the local public sector, especially in direct support of the delivery of public services.

Author(s): Boex, Jamie

Source(s): , IDG working paper; 2011-05 20 p., ill IDG working paper 2011-05

Published: 2011 Urban institute center on international development and governance (IDG), Washington, DC (English


Link: http://www.urban.org/UploadedPDF/412474-Exploring-the-Measurement-and-Effectiveness-of-the-Local-Public-Sector.pdf

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