Local government and human rights : building institutional links for the effective protection and realisation of human rights in Africa

Abstract: There is increasing recognition of the role of local government in the protection and realization of human rights obligations. The article makes a case for institutional collaboration between international local government institutions improve the protection of human rights.

Author(s): Bosire, Conrad Mugoya

Source(s): , African human rights law journal; Vol. 11, No. 1] p. 147-170 African human rights law journal Vol. 11, No. 1]

Published: 2011 Juta law etc.], [Claremont etc. (English

ISBN/ISSN: [1609-073X/

Link: http://search.sabinet.co.za/WebZ/Authorize?sessionid=0&bad=ejour/ejour_badsearch.html&portal=ejournal&next=images/ejour/ju_ahrlj/ju_ahrlj_v11_n1_a8.pdf

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