When ‘civics’ go ‘governance’ : on the role and relevance of civic organisations in the policy arena in sub-Saharan Africa

Abstract: Brouwers questions the effectiveness of the lobby and advocacy work of civil society in Africa when it comes to advancing democracy and triggering development for the poor. It is time to revisit the theory of change of external engagement with civic actors in the global South.

Author(s): Brouwers, Ria

Source(s): , The power of civil society : working paper series; synthesis paper 46 p The power of civil society : working paper series synthesis paper

Published: 2011 Humanist institute for cooperation with developing countries (Hivos) [etc.], The Hague (English

ISBN/ISSN: /1879-7105

Link: http://www.hivos.net/content/download/49897/351930/file/Hivos-ISS%20wp-brouwersFINALmay%203.pdf

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