Managing Africa’s Natural Resources towards Achieving the Millennium Development Goals: Concept Note

Abstract: The seminar “Managing Africa’s Natural Resources Towards Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)” (Rome, 28 Sep. 2012) serves to promote a dialogue on the roles and responsibilities of both European and African parliamentarians in the management of natural resources, incl. land.


  • Millennium Development Goals: How Africa is Fairing
  • Africa’s Natural Resources: Opportunity or Curse?
  • Sound Natural Resource Management for Inclusive Growth and the MDGs
  • Good and Democratic Governance: Parliaments are Key
  • Legislation, Oversight and Representation for Improved Natural Resource Management
  • African parliaments to be strengthened
  • Activity Format and Objectives
  • Expected Results

Author: The Association of European parliamentarians with Africa (AWEPA)

Source: 6 p. draft

Published: 2012, AWEPA, Amsterdam (English)


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