The implications of federalism and decentralisation on socio-economic conditions in Ethiopia

Abstract: This paper analyses impacts of the federal system and decentralization on Ethiopia’s socio-economic development, with special reference to the health and eduction sectors. The principles of the Ethiopian federal system as well as those of the 2001/2002 decentralisation process are highlighted.

Author(s): Zimmermann-Steinhart, Petra; Bekele, Yakob

Source(s): , [Potchefstroom electronic law journal] (PER); Vol. 15, No. 2 p. 90-117, ill., tabs [Potchefstroom electronic law journal] (PER) Vol. 15, No. 2

Published: 2012 North-west university (NWU)], [Potchefstroom (English

ISBN/ISSN: /1727-3781


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