International Republican Institute (IRI)

Courtesy of IRI

Courtesy of IRI

For 30 years, the  IRI (International Republican Institute) has been helping to spread democracy through training sessions on political party and candidate development, democratic governance practices, civil society development, civic education, women and youth leadership development, electoral reform and election monitoring, and political expression in closed societies.

From its earliest days, IRI has sought to build partnerships and alliances with likeminded organizations from across the globe. In recent years, IRI’s partnership with the International Democrat Union and the European People’s Party (EPP) has allowed IRI to broaden and deepen its pool of volunteer trainers. IRI’s Women’s Democracy Network (WDN) also collaborates regularly with the EPP and its official association of women, EPP Women.

The WDN works with the belief that a full and robust democracy depends on the equal participation of women.  Established in March 2006, the WDN is an initiative to increase women’s political participation, leadership and representation in elected office.

The WDN accomplishes its mission by:

  • Linking women to peers abroad who share similar struggles;
  • Providing mentorship from experienced women who are leaders in their fields; and
  • Implementing skills-building trainings designed to target identified needs.

The WDN network has created trainings on governance and campaign skills for women in Burma and South Sudan. In addition, IRI has brought female leaders from throughout Europe to Istanbul in order for them to work with women from throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Find out more about how IRI is working in Cambodia to engage youth in the political and civic development of the country.

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