The Isandla Institute: Innovation and Implementation

Isandla Institute is a public interest think-tank based in South Africa. Focusing on fostering just, equitable, and democratic urban settlements through innovative research and advocacy, Isandla “functions as an experimental ‘hot house’ where policy ideas about the reduction of urban inequality, poverty, racism and social exclusion are nurtured.”

Isandla’s work centers around ‘the right to the city’ for the poor in urban South Africa. By generating innovation through research and evidenced based context, setting the agenda, facilitating stakeholders, and determining practical implementation, Isandla seeks to enhance the “right to the city.”

Isandla, a member of the Global Governance Learning Network, has published papers on an array of local governance issues from local politics to the role of active citizens. To view some of Isandla’s publications please visit: Isandla Research Papers and Reports.

In addition to Isandla’s array of publications, the organization recently hosted a South Africa Consultation along with The Hunger Project and the UN Democracy Fund, whereby participants determined major aspects of effective local governance.

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