Partnership for Democratic Governance in Southeast-Asia


The Partnership for Democratic Governance in Southeast-Asia (DELGO’SEA) is a network of local government associations, non-government organizations, local authorities, and academic institutions in Southeast Asia formed to share success stories in local governance. It is hoped that in sharing best practices, these successes can be replicated in other cities and municipalities in the region.

DELGO’SEA, co-funded by the European Commission and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung of Germany, was launched in March 2010. The network includes members from the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Key organizations in the network include the Local Government Development Foundation (LOGODEF) in the Philippines, the Thailand Environment Institute (TEI), United Cities and Local Governments for Asia and the Pacific (UCLG-ASPAC) and the Association of Indonesian Regency Governments (APKASI) in Indonesia, the National League of Communes/Sangkats of the Kingdom of Cambodia (NLC/S), and the Association of Cities in Vietnam (ACVN).

The network focuses on exchanging sustainable good governance practices in the areas of institutional governance, people’s participation in planning and decision-making, urban environment, and fiscal management and investment promotion strategies. The network selected 16 examples of best practices for replication in other places from 27 submitted proposals. The selection process was completed in a regional workshop and included all partners and key stakeholders. Those selected range from Vinh City, Vietnam’s practice of community participation in upgrading the old collective housing areas to Muangklang Town, Thailand’s low carbon city plan. Once best practices were chosen, the project selected pilot cities to then implement the best-practice models. The models were revised to reflect the specific needs and contexts of each pilot locality.

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