Public and Private Development Center, Nigeria


Public and Private Development Center (PPDC) is a Nigerian organization created in 2001 to promote increased citizen participation for better governance, corruption prevention, and sustainable development. PPDC has engaged in several programs that seek to empower citizens to gain entry to the public space and participate more meaningfully in governance and development in ways that prevent corruption.

PPDC has mobilized action in support of procurement reforms in Nigeria and fought for the inclusion of a mandatory clause in the Public Procurement Act of 2007 for NGO and professional bodies to monitor all public procurement activities conducted by the federal government. After the law was passed, PPDC launched its Procurement Watch (Monitoring) Program. This program has created a national watch platform, published the first guide for procurement monitors, and trained the first group of citizen procurement monitors.

To make aggregated procurement information public, transparent, and accessible, PPDC created the Nigerian Procurement Observatory Portal to provide access for the submission of reports from procurement monitors across Nigeria, analyses of these reports, legal advice related to procurement, and training capacity for citizens regarding procurement. The portal was designed to provide relevant information for a number of stakeholders including Nigerian citizens, journalists, civil society organizations, the Bureau of Public Procurement, international development actors, federal agencies, and contractors.

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