UNDP on Local Governance and the Post-2015 Framework

logo-undpGeraldine Fraser-Moleketi, UNDP’s Director of Democratic Governance, describes the integral role that viable, effective, multi-level governance must play in achieving the post-2015 development agenda in a post on UNDP’s Our Perspective page. In addition to service delivery, local governments are critical intermediaries between the people and the state for reconciliation and the re-establishment of the social contract and facilitating the multi-level and multi-stakeholder process necessary for effective, sustainable development.

Fraser-Moleketi highlights the recent 8th Annual Meeting of the Development Partners Working Group on Decentralization and Local Governance (DeLog) where the UN hosted 27 multilateral and bilateral organizations working to further effective multi-level governance. At the meeting, representatives assessed possible entry points for integrating local governments into the Post-2015 Agenda. According to Fraser-Moleketi, “Placing local governance at the centre of ongoing deliberations on the post-2015 development agenda is a must.”

Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi previously discussed the importance of participatory local governance in the Post-2015 agenda, and the outcomes from the February 2013 thematic consultation in South Africa.

One thought on “UNDP on Local Governance and the Post-2015 Framework

  1. With central and Federal governments, and state Governments becoming humongous and massive, there is very little participation in real democracy by the people. People have started feeling dis-enfranchised, helpless and apathetic towards democratic processes and the general feeling is that the “Big Businesses” and MNCs control the Government.
    Therefore, it is imperative that a strong Global movement must start, using Information & Communication Technologies, to bring awareness to people at village level, who are dis-enfranchised and also provide tools to for them to easily participate in decision making at local government level.
    We at Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation, India, have for the first time embarked on a “Workflow Automation & Community Portal Solution”, at Village Panchayat level, that gives 24×7 access to village citizens to interact with and transact with the Local Village Government, and actually empower themselves to participate in the Governance.


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