Young Citizens in Actions

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The Paniamor Foundation works to educate the people of Costa Rica about the rights of minors. Through a process of social mobilization, Paniamor strengthens the participation of youth to enable them to better contribute to national development. The foundation initiates various projects around the common themes of social development, political impact and the prevention of violence.

The Young Citizens in Action project is the product of a partnership between The Paniamor Foundation, UNDEF and The Freedom Park Foundation. This project focuses on three local cantons and is in effect from January 2013 through December 2014. The objective is to increase participation among adolescents and youth in local government processes. A principal component is organized trainings to educate youth of their rights and ways for them to become involved in the political system. The trainings aim toward promoting gender equality and active participation in local government. One goal of the project is to improve the long-term capacity for the three local governments to incorporate the voices of youth in decision-making processes.

Additionally, the project documents all of the actions taken and lessons learned in order to improve upon the project in the future. After the two years are through, the Young Citizens in Action model will be accessible to other organizations to utilize for youth mobilization.

2 thoughts on “Young Citizens in Actions

  1. Is this project related to ‘Project Citizen’ – a curricular program that teaches children about policy making processes in a democracy?


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