African State Legislatures Workshop in Nigeria

kwara state Nigeria map

Scholars from Africa and the United States will gather for the African State Legislatures: Subnational Politics and National Power workshop at Landmark University in Kwara State of Nigeria on January 7-8, 2014. The workshop will be open to the broader university community and the general public.

This project will make important contributions to our understanding of democratic politics in Africa. It will explore the interests of politicians to understand when state legislators advance democratizing reforms, and when are they merely enablers of Africa’s already powerful executives. It will also develop an analytical framework for assessing legislative capacity at the subnational level.

Key questions to be explored in the workshop are:

  1. How do state legislatures affect the balance of power between governors and the national executive?
  2. How much influence do state legislatures have over budgetary spending at the state level, especially in countries with low levels of subnational revenue generation?
  3. What factors affect the capacity of state legislatures?

The workshop is a part of the project which aims to produce an edited volume of academic essays about state legislatures in Africa. Following presentation, evaluation, and revision of the papers during the workshop, scholars will form chapters in an edited book, tentatively entitled “African State Legislatures: Subnational Politics and Nationa Power”.

In the workshop, there will be four paper presentations on each day: each author will have about 40 minutes to present, the designated discussant will have about 20 minutes to critique the paper and offer suggestions for revisions, leaving approximately 30 minutes for discussion.

After the workshop, authors will revise their own chapters, drawing upon the feedback from the discussants and workshop participants until March1st, and draft chapters will be posted online, along with other information about the workshop. The workshop in Nigeria will be followed up by a roundtable event in March 2014 at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) headquarters in Washington D.C.

For more details, click here.

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