Association Jeunes pour Jeunes


Association Jeunes pour Jeunes (AJJ) is a youth organization that works to promote the democratic reforms in Morocco. AJJ emphasizes the importance of strengthening and engaging youth in public policies. During the past six years, evolutionary success has been achieved by encouraging young people to participate in local governance. The organization is based on five principles, which are “intergeneration, democracy, equity, equality and initiative”.

In addition, AJJ is focusing on four aspects:

  1. The promotion of youth rights, political, civil, economic, social, and cultural;
  2. The reinforcement of mechanisms of Moroccan youth participation in decision making;
  3. Supporting the role of youth civil society organizations in democratic reforms;
  4. The consolidation of the role of the youth in the Moroccan democratic process.

In March 2011, AJJ has launched an innovation project “Future Dialoge: Youth and Constitutional Rights, a Common Vision to Ensure Youth Participation”. Eight regional forums with the participation of 500 NGOs and 8,000 young Moroccans have benefited from this project. The project has made practical recommendations to local governments regarding youth participation in decision-making and the relationship between civil society and parliament.

In November 2011, AJJ cooperated with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) has monitored the campaign promises of 12 political parties and produced a report benefiting almost 3,000 young Moroccans.

In 2012, National Endowment for Democracy (NED) supported AJJ in its anti-corruption work in the province of Chefchaoune towards increasing transparency of local government. Also in 2012, working with other Moroccan civil society organizations, AJJ established the Moroccan Observatory for Youth Policies providing young people with a forum to make their voice heard.

In 2013, NDI worked with AJJ to further promote government accountability and youth engagement in local authorities.

To learn more, check Facebook Page: or official website


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