World Bank – Open Budget Portal

The World Bank’s Open Budget Portal launched on December 2013 is a first-ever one-stop shop for accessing budget data worldwide.  While most initiatives on open budgets center on availability of key documents, the portal focused on the quality of data dissemination and its analytical use for decision-making processes. The portal represents a starting point to build the growing interest around fiscal transparency and the importance of improved budge outcomes and accountability.

World Bank Open Budget

The Portal provides detailed budget data from a subset of developing countries and subnational entities. Users can access to budget data worldwide and particularly to the most disaggregated and comprehensive data collected through the BOOST Initiative.

The BOOST Initiative is a Bank-wide collaborative effort launched in 2010 to facilitate access to budget data and promote effective use for improved decision-making processes. Currently the Initiative collects budget data from around 40 countries to be used by researchers, government officials, and ordinary citizens to examine trends in allocations of public resources, analyze potential sources of inefficiencies, and become better informed finance delivery for public services.

The Open Budget Portal provides the data of now 14 counties that have passed the BOOST “test” with a series of rigorous procedures to ensure their consistency and validity. These countries have their own data portals, often reporting more detailed information which users are encouraged to visit.

The portal has the expectation that their efforts can also motivate other countries into action.

To learn more, please visit their website
You can access to government financial data from here (by country) or map

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