Niger – Focus Group Meeting

Niger, April 26, 8 participants, Organizer: YMCA Niger

niger fgd photo

The discussions on the state of participatory local democracy in Niger indicated that there is a pressing need to advocate for adoption of a decree on the application of the right to information and also sensitization efforts to create awareness on the right to information for citizens. This will enhance participation and ease transparency in the actions of local governments. Although there are legal provisions in favor of participatory local democracy, the implementation is not exempt from DSCF2473obstacles and shortcomings. But it is fortunate that CSOs have strong voices and can play a vital role in influencing policymakers to listen to marginalized groups and pressure the government to change their position with regard to unpopular decisions that do not benefit the people. Better educated and more sensitized citizens can engage and advocate for their inclusion in the development of their communities.

Rabiou Hamidou, National General Secretary, YMCA Niger

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