Cameroon – Focus Group Meeting

Cameroon, May 8, 7 participants, Organizer: Reflection and Concrete Actions for Africa Development (RECAAD – Cameroon)

100_7196It’s always important to assess the level of achievements when we are engaged in a process. As stated in the 1996 Constitution in Cameroon, the country is effectively a united decentralized country since January 2010. Four years of decentralization has had implications on public, private and civil actors accompanying local governments in promoting local governance.

Bringing these actors from various sectors together for a self-evaluation was a great initiative that RECAAD-CAMEROON conducted with a set of actors from the National government, local government, private entrepreneurship and civil society. They all joined a survey workshop organized in collaboration with the Hunger Project.

The seven participants seized the opportunity to check different aspects of local governance 100_7195as put in place and promoted by the local decentralized governments in the country. After presenting the general context and analyzing different constrains under which local governance is being promoted in the country, they discussed the different perceptions from government or civil actors side.

Also, after discussing and filling out the survey questions, the participants formulated some recommendations that can help re-enforce local governance in the country. Inter alia, they proposed that: a) More education and sensitization should be carried out for civil servants to stand beyond the conservative behaviors which still constitute a brake to the decentralization process and good governance at the local level; b) The state should rationalize legal statements on the Central administration’s tutorship on local government; c) Administrative justice should be strengthened to effectively play a balancing role between the State administration and local governments; d) Local government authorities should be more sensitive to issues regarding gender; e) Water governance should constitute a priority of local governments; and f) Civil society organizations should double their efforts in sensitizing and educating populations for active and efficient participation in decision making processes at the local level.

– Gabi Wambo Laurent, National Coordinator of RECAAD-Cameroon

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