Mauritius – Focus Group Meeting

Mauritius, May 9, 18 participants, Organizer: Allied Network for Policy, Research & Actions for Sustainability (ANPRAS)

Our meeting had a very Mauritius meetingwell balanced participation, a mixed age group and perfect dosage of gender equality. Also, very knowledgeable and experienced participants like (1) Mr. Ramduth Basenoo (over 25 years of deputation as Village Councilor, and Former Chairman of the District Council of Grand-Port/Savanne and member of the Mauritius Labour Party) and (2) Mr. Claude Sooprayen who is both a business and political consultant who has served for many governments globally and currently engaged in political advocacy in Mauritius.

pic2We had a very collegial atmosphere with an enriching debate on local democracy and good governance. The deliberations prompted the Chair of ANPRAS to call for the organization of a national workshop to the theme of increased local democracy in the near future.

– Raj Chintaram, Executive Chairman of ANPRAS

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