Democratic Republic of the Congo – Focus Group Meeting

Democratic Republic of the Congo, May 10, 11 participants, Organizer: Save the Climat

FG.DRC3It was a really exciting meeting that was enjoyed by the participants. The participation of different organizations was really appreciated by the Save the Climat Staff Committee. Most of the participants hope to see this survey or campaign on Local Governance to be extended to others cities or areas in order to promote it very well, and then help most of the countries to get rid of poverty.

Indeed, we are thanking The Hunger Project in partnership with UNDEF a lot for this wonderful project which will boost and create a new social class in many countries all around the world.

We are also thanking all the attendees for their prompt and strong participation, from minority to other categories, and especially Mr Donat Mpakebon from ANMDH.

All the best for The Participatory Local Democracy Project in DRCongo!!

– Bernard Lutete, Chairperson of Save the Climat


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