Indonesia – Focus Group Meeting

Indonesia, May 14, 8 participants, Organizer: Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia (Indonesian Women’s Coalition)

FGD Participatory Democracy 4The survey questions given by The Hunger Project can be an inspiration to participants in the discussion,
because Indonesia already has an Indonesian Democracy Index, but is only see 3 -dimensional, while the standard democracy index includes 5 dimensions.

The results show that in the legal aspect, Indonesia has many regulations and laws governing democracy, transparency, public participation and accountability.

The knowledge and participation of citizens in general is still very weak. However, people FGD Participatory Democracy 5
who obtain assistance from the civil society get easier access to information and they show more active participation in politics, governance and development.

Indonesia has some regulations to ensure participation of women in decision-making in public life, social, and political development. However, most women cannot truly participate actively, due to a lack of information and women’s leadership capacity. While in some urban areas women’s organizations have begun to actively strengthen women’s leadership, in rural areas this activity is still low.

– Dian Kartika, Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia

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