Uganda – Focus Group Meeting

Uganda, May 27, 10 participants, Organizer: The Hunger Project Uganda

Uganda FGD photoThe Focus Group Discussion was organized by The Hunger Project Uganda (THP U) and held on 27th May 2014 at Kolping Hotel in Kampala. 10 people participated in the meeting and institutions represented included: Think Youth Development Initiative Uganda, Namirembe Diocese, Uganda Debt Network (UDN), Munkunyu joint Microfinance Cooperative Society Ltd, Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU) and The African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN).

A brief was made on the purpose of the Participatory Local Democracy Index (PLDI) and its components and also on the legal provisions in Uganda. This gave participants background information on the subject and the agenda for the day. The group was divided into 2 mini groups whereby one group handled Active Citizenry, Political Decentralization uganda newsletter photoand multi–stakeholder planning. The other mini group handled Administrative Decentralization and Fiscal Decentralization. Each group made presentations and participants agreed on each item of the questionnaire / PLDI. The following were the key areas noted during the discussion:

  • The laws are in place, however, there‘s no budget available for sensitization of the community and therefore these laws remain in “shelves.”
  • The laws and constitution are in English and hence not all people can read and understand them.
  • The village councils have no mandate because the constitutional court ruled that they are null and void. However, since Uganda adopted a multi party system of governance in 2005, their mandate has never been never renewed. Nevertheless, they still carry out their functions and roles and hence represent the interests of one party / ruling party.

– Dorothy Nabwire, Director of Programs, The Hunger Project Uganda 

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