Ethiopia – Focus Group Meeting

Ethiopia, June 5 and 6, 15 participants, Organizer: Association for Forced Migrants (AFM)

ethiopia 2The deputy head of the wereda administration and the head of the economic development and finance wereda office were presents as knowledgeable persons for urban and rural governance in the wereda the lower administrative unit.

Women, Youth, farmers and urban citizens representatives from the kebeles/the lowest administrative units/three kebeles/attended the focus group discussion for two days. The total number of attendance was 15.

Also representatives from NGOs and CBOs government sector office attended the meeting and participated in the survey exercise.

The survey questions were translated in the national language and enough copies were distributed to the participants. The participants were grouped in to four sub-groups to do the exercise in groups and in plenary sessions.

Detail two days agenda was prepared in the national language and distributed to each ethiopia 5participant. The first day was devoted to joint meeting to brief the content of the questioner in terms of the five dimensions of participatory local democracy: 1. Active citizenry and the Empowerment of Women, 2. Political mandate, 3. Administrative decentralization, 4. Fiscal decentralization, and 5. Multi-stakeholder planning.

The second day was assigned for group works and then finalize in one plenary session. The whole exercise was successfully done.

– Amanuel Abebe, Director of the Association for Forced Migrants 


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