Malawi – Focus Group Meeting

Malawi, June 13, 8 participants, Organizer: The Hunger Project Malawi 

Participants photoMalawi conducted its Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on 13th June 2014 at Capital Hotel in Malawi’s capital city of Lilongwe. Eight participants attended the FGD and completed the online questionnaire. At the request of The Hunger Project Malawi, Augustine Magolowondo PhD, one of Malawi’s respected local democracy experts, facilitated the FGD. The FGD was very lively.

Participants indicated that they found the discussion very useful, the questionnaire was well structured and they also benefited from the FGD because it was not simply answering questions, but rather the FGD was a platform for reflection for possible future improvements and engagement on the state of local democracy in Malawi.

Participants actually indicated that such platforms would be very useful if they could be created more deliberately. They made a recommendation to their “Local Democracy National Task-Force” to adopt this approach for effective engagement where such issues could be discussed and hashed out. Participants however indicated that some of the questions did not necessarily need to be answered in a “yes” or “no” manner. The diversity of the participants affiliation was found to be an added value to the discussion because that created a platform where views of different stakeholders on the same matter were voiced. The official from the Local Government as well as the other experts, indicated that they are looking forward to increased the visibility of THP-Malawi on such matters and processes, and are ready to work with THP-Malawi in any next steps.

Rowlands Koatcha, Country Director, The Hunger Project Malawi

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