Costa Rica – Focus Group Meeting

Costa Rica, June 19, 7 participants, Organizer: Fundación Ambio*

*This was the second focus group meeting held in Costa Rica

costa rica imageIn Costa Rica, laws on equality and accessibility exist, however, they are not necessarily respected. Marginalized groups do not have many opportunities.

Work needs to be done on the inclusion of women, indigenous populations, peasants, and other underrepresented groups.

There is not much awareness on citizens’ rights and little commitment to addressing human rights violations, among other issues. A lot of information, training, education and awareness on these issues is needed.

The focus group meeting and its participants agreed on a set of recommendations that should be implemented to strengthen participatory local governance. Participants also indicated that these evaluation activities should be performed more continuously, since the representatives of the cantones (counties) who participated reported citizens face difficulties in realizing their rights provided in current regulations.

-Translated excerpt from report submitted by Roxana Salazar, Director of Fundación Ambio

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