The Indonesia Governance Index: A Pioneering National Effort to Assess Governance

image036The Indonesia Governance Index (IGI) was created to comprehensively assess local governance and to advocate for good governance practices at the local level. The Index measures the performance of provincial-level governments based on 89 indicators and openly shares the information with Indonesian citizens. It publishes profiles of each province’s performance, rankings of provinces, and data on governance related issues. It assesses government, bureaucracy, civil society, and economic society. In the 2012 report, the provinces of Yogyakarta, East Java, and DKI Jakarta earned the highest scores.

The website describes their methodology as follows:

“IGI is produced through a complex process which used robust methodology and a variety of data to produce a score of assessment that reflected the performance and quality of good provincial governance. By using some statistical and mathematical techniques and procedures, all three types of data which spread on 89, were transformed into 1 -10 range value. Scores of all the indicators are aggregated by weighting indicators to generate the index. The weight of each indicator is obtained by a separate method, called Analytical Hierarchy Procedure.”

Among others, IGI assesses components such as budget commitment (commitments to education, health, and poverty reduction), gender balance, the environment, and the economy.

The Index is a unique way to measure local governments’ performance and has the ability to empower citizens to hold their governments accountable. The national government has also used the Index as an assessment tool in its development planning process. This kind of monitoring is a pioneering effort by Indonesia, and can lead to more evidence-based policies and greater transparency in government.

The 2012 Executive Report can be read here.

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