Register for the 2014 World Regional Governments Summit

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The Organization of Regions United/Forum of Regional Governments and Global Associations of Regions (ORU/FOGAR) is an international organization that promotes the voice of sub-national governments about global governance on the world stage. The main objectives of ORU/FOGAR are to:

  • Raise the voice of regions within the globalization process to highlight their concerns, establish common proposals, and be recognized in the forum of global governance.
  • Create new “multi-level strategic governance rules” that facilitate the inclusion of sub-national governments in the implementation of public policies in their territories.
  • Promote exchanges between member regions and regional organizations to develop “diplomatic relations and cooperation with the support of national governments.”

Currently, ORU/FOGAR focuses on (1) regional economic development through decentralization and territorial autonomy, (2) climate change and sharing best practices of regions that have been successful in sustainable development, and (3) working with partners from “north” and “south” regions to address food insecurity.

The General Assembly of ORU/FOGAR meets at an annual Summit to set strategies for the future and deliver a cohesive message at the global level on behalf of regional governments. This year, the VI World Regional Governments Summit will be held from September 1 – 3 in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. The Summit will address three themes:

  • The role of regional governments in the Post-2015 Agenda
  • Current challenges of decentralization and regional autonomy
  • Integral regional development.

The Summit is organized by the National Federation of Departments of Colombia (FND), the Latin American Organization of Intermediate Governments (OLAGI), and the Global Network of Cities, Local and Regional Governments (UCLG). Summits in previous years have been held in Morocco, Colombia, Switzerland, Ecuador and Italy.

To register to attend the 2014 Summit, click here.


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