Free UCLG Online Course: Decentralization and Local Governance

Image Courtesy of UCLG

The UCLG Decentralization and Local Self-Government Committee, in collaboration with Goberna, School of Politics and Government Research Institute  Ortega y Gasset are offering the fifth online Course on Decentralization and Local Governance. This course will be held from September  25 through December 21, 2014.The learning experience will be rooted in useful technical knowledge to aid the development of theoretical tools and practices. Participants will strengthen their ability to analyze, interpret and act within discourse about local democratic governance, strengthening decentralization and the process of local self-government through assessments of local, regional and central government officials and technical experts from different regions of the world.

The UCLG committee is made up of city mayors and local government leaders from all over the world. The outlined objective is to  “strengthen decentralization and local self-government in order to contribute to local good governance in all regions of the world.”  Goberna is a higher education institution that is based in multiple Latin American countries with the aim of creating national leadership that is democratic, transparent, active and sensitive to social demands. Goberna promotes a public agenda to fight against inequality and strengthen democracy.

The training is sponsored by the Government of the Province of Barcelona as chair of the Decentralization and Local Self-Government Committee. The online course has two versions:

  • The Global Course (in English), and
  • The Course Focused on Latin America (in Spanish).

There are 25 spots available for each course. A diploma for “Specialist in Decentralization and Local Governance” will be given to those participants who satisfactorily complete the course.

Applicants must fill out the online registration form before September 17, 2014. More information and the link for registration can be found here.

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