Municipal development partnership eastern and southern Africa (MDP-ESA) : a partnership enabling local government capacity

Abstract: The partnership is a hands-on capacity building facility with the aim of enabling effective self-governance at local level in Sub-Saharan Africa. It promotes alternative development approaches to problems that affect local authorities by placing emphasis on ownership and direct participation. Author(s): MDP Source(s): , Published: 2011 Municipal development partnership eastern and southern Africa (MDP-ESA),…

Visions center for strategic and development studies

Abstract: The Vision Center’s work on decentralization and local development, where it has conducted workshops and trainings to government ministries/entities local government/communities and civic organisations, has led to dialogues between the public-private-community sectors of Jordan. Author(s): Source(s): , Published: 2011 Visions center for strategic and development studies, Amman (English ISBN/ISSN: / Link:

Addressing scarce and critical skills in Limpopo local government : the LGSETA option

Abstract: This article on the role of Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority (LGSETA) in job creation and the reduction of scarce skills in Limpopo, South Africa, concludes that partnerships are to be developed with higher institutions of learning and training institutions. Author(s): Mafunisa, M.J.; Tsanwani, A.P. Source(s): , [Sabinet]; Vol. 46, No. 1.1…

[Decentralization and agricultural development (EASYPol)]

Abstract: Modules of the training path “Decentralisation and Agricultural Development” developed by the FAO. The training path could be of interest to policy analysts and decision makers, development practitioners, training institutions, and media. Author(s): FAO Source(s): , Published: 2011 Food and agriculture organization of the United nations (FAO), [Rome] (English ISBN/ISSN: / Link:

Institute of federalism

Abstract: The Institute of Federalism is a nationally and internationally recognized centre of interdisciplinary academic expertise in the fields of federalism, state organization, democracy and human rights. It has two operational centres, the National Centre and the International Centre (IRCC). Author(s): University Of Fribourg Source(s): , Published: 2011 University of Fribourg. Institute of federalism, Fribourg…

DEV training

Abstract: KIT Development Policy & Practice (DEV) has knowledge in four areas: health, education, social development and gender equity, and sustainable economic development. Trainings include : boards and governance in Africa, and local governance and rural decentralization (both French and English). Author(s): KIT Source(s): , Published: 2011 Royal tropical institute (KIT), Amsterdam (English; Dutch ISBN/ISSN:…

Participants’ kit : harmonisation, decentralisation and local governance : prepared on behalf of the informal Development partners working group on local governance and decentralisation (DPWG-LGD)

Abstract: This training kit gives an overview of the state-of-the-art knowledge on harmonization, decentralization and local governance that are essential for understanding how local governance and decentralisation processes can be designed, supported and monitored in a harmonised manner. Author(s): Loquai, Christiane Source(s): , 156 p., ill., tabs Published: 2011, [Wageningen] (English ISBN/ISSN: / Link:…

FAGLAF : Forum d’action pour la gouvernance locale en Afrique francophone

Abstract: The Local Government Action Forum for Francophone Africa (FAGLAF) was established to promote research in decentralization and local government issues and to foster capacity building through peer-to-peer learning, training programs, and knowledge dissemination. Author(s): Source(s): , Published: 2011 Forum d’action pour la gouvernance locale en Afrique francophone (FAGLAF), Dakar (French ISBN/ISSN: / Link:

ARIAL programme : supporting and strengthening local government associations at ACP national and regional levels

Abstract: ARIAL improves the participative power of local governments through the strengthening of its primal representative bodies; the Associations of Local Governments (LGA’s) at national, regional and sub-continental level. Author(s): EU Source(s): , Published: 2011 European commission (EU). ARIAL programme, Brussels (English ISBN/ISSN: / Link: