IDA at work : community-driven development : delivering the results people need

Abstract: IDA’s annual commitments for community-driven development (CDD) amounts to about $1.3 billion. Services financed include water supply and sewage rehabilitation, school and health facilities construction. IDA’s CDD initiatives have achieved improved delivery of public goods and services. Author(s): IDA [International Development Association] Source(s): , Published: 2011 World bank. International development association (IDA), Washington, DC…

Social development : putting people first : local governance

Abstract: At the World Bank, local governance is a subtheme of the social accountability and demand for good governance topic, together with the related subtheme of community driven development. Author(s): World Bank Source(s): , Published: 2011 World bank, [Washington, DC] (English ISBN/ISSN: / Link:,,contentMDK:22392474~pagePK:210058~piPK:210062~theSitePK:244363,00.html

Participation and civic engagement

Abstract: The Participation and Civic Engagement Group (PCEG) promotes the participation of people to influence institutions, policies and processes for equitable development. It focuses on social accountability, enabling environment, participatory M&E, and participation at project, program & policy level. Author(s): World Bank Source(s): , Published: 2011 World bank, [Washington, DC] (English ISBN/ISSN: / Link:

Participatory monitoring and evaluation

Abstract: A range of tools and methods for PM&E exist, including: (1) participatory rural appraisal (PRA); (2) citizen report card and community score card; (3) public expenditure tracking survey (PETS); (4) beneficiary assessment; and (5) participatory poverty assessment (PPA). Author(s): World Bank Source(s): , Published: 2011 World bank, [Washington, DC] (English ISBN/ISSN: / Link:

Empowering Indonesian communities through direct participation in developing infrastructure and services

Abstract: The National Program for Community Empowerment encourages local communities to participate in the planning process; provides financial support to the communities for poverty alleviation; and enhances the partnership of central and local governments to best provide services where most needed. Author(s): World Bank Source(s): , IBRD results 6 p., ill IBRD results Published: 2010…

Sharing experience : enhancing the benefits to communities from extractive industry projects

Abstract: In the first part of this 2-h video, Dan Owen, Program Coordinator for Community Driven Development at the World Bank, gives an overview of the Bank’s practices. Author(s): Owen, Dan Source(s): , 1:59 min., ill. Published: 2009 Sustainable community development fund (CommDev), [Washington, DC] (English ISBN/ISSN: / Link:

Scaling-up social accountability in World bank operations

Abstract: Social accountability holds considerable promise for achieving better governance and service delivery. Tools and mechanisms include participatory budgeting, public expenditure tracking, citizen report cards, community score cards, social audits, citizen charters, and right to information acts. Author(s): Agarwal, Sanjay; Heltberg, Rasmus; Diachok, Myrtle Source(s): , 12 p., ill. Published: 2009 World bank], [Washington, DC…

Decentralization in client countries : an evaluation of World bank support, 1990-2007

Abstract: An evaluation of the effectiveness of World Bank support for decentralization in 20 representative countries shows that future support should be underpinned by commitment to service delivery and enhanced capacity for monitoring and evaluation that focuses on accountability and participation. Author(s): Gopal, Gita Source(s): , xxviii, 89 p., ill., graphs, tabs Published: 2008 World…