• Presentación del reporte 2013 - NUEVA YORK – 24 de septiembre 2013: El primer Informe del Estado de Democracia Participativa fue lanzado esta tarde en una recepción con la participación del Sub-Secretario de Desarrollo Social y Humano de México Ernesto Nemer Álvarez, el Director Ejecutivo del Fondo para la Democracia de las Naciones Unidas Roland Rich, Mary Ellen McNish CEO…
  • Urban Institute: Post-2015 MDGs - Video streaming by Ustream The talk titled: “The Post-2015 Global Development Agenda: Addressing Inequalities and Fostering Inclusive Growth” occurred at the Urban Institute on April 8, 2013. It focused on the current state of the Post-2015 global development agenda, and the importance of equity and inclusiveness in the formulation of new development targets. This small clip focuses…
  • George Mathew - The Founder of India’s Institute of Social Sciences and a lifelong-champion of decentralization discusses the importance of participatory local democracy, and its progress in India over the past 20 years since the historic passage of the 73rd amendment to India’s constitution.  
  • Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi - UNDP’s practice director for Democratic Governance discusses the importance of participatory local governance in the Post-2015 agenda, and the outcomes from the February 2013 thematic consultation in South Africa.
  • People Power: A Documentary Exploring Participatory Democracy Around the World - How can ordinary people hold elected government officials accountable? In the short documentary People Power, TV Education Asia Pacific approaches accountability through participatory democracy. The film examines cases around the world where citizen participation has led to increased accountability, enhanced citizen involvement, and an amplified public voice. The cases explored serve as prime examples of a participatory…

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