Micro-methods in evaluating governance interventions

Abstract: This paper is designed as a working guide for practitioners who would like to conduct scientifically credible impact evaluations of donor-assisted and government-sponsored governance programmes. Generally, decision-makers should strengthen the “evidence-based” development policy agenda.

Author(s): Garcia, [Maria] Melody

Source(s): , Discussion paper / German development institute; 7/2011 59 p., ill., graphs, tabs Discussion paper / German development institute 7/2011

Published: 2011 German development institute (DIE), Bonn (English

ISBN/ISSN: 978-3-88985-536-7/

Link: http://www.die-gdi.de/CMS-Homepage/openwebcms3.nsf/%28ynDK_contentByKey%29/ANES-8FQGD8/$FILE/DP%207.2011.pdf

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