Announcing the 2014 State of Participatory Democracy Report

downloadThe Hunger Project is proud to announce the release of the 2014 State of Participatory Democracy Report (SPDR). The 2014 report presents the most extensive comparative global study to date on one of the most important, yet most frequently ignored, issues in development – the effectiveness of local government.  Fortunately, as the world formulates its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) designed to end hunger and poverty by the year 2030, the importance of good governance at all levels is being treated as a top priority.

Click here to download the English pdf or here to order the report from Amazon.

This is critical because the issues that really matters to people’s daily life – water, sanitation, primary health care, primary education, year-round access to affordable and nutritious food, access to markets and employment opportunities, basic safety and social justice – must be resolved locally. They all depend on responsive, effective local governance.

To create this second annual edition of the report, experts from 52 countries submitted data to determine a globally comparable multi-dimensional Participatory Local Democracy Index (PLDI). In 32 of those countries, civil society organizations organized multi-stakeholder focus group discussions to generate a consensus assessment.

For the first time, countries from the MENA region (Middle East, North Africa), and from Central and West Asia are included among the PLDI scores.

The 2014 SPDR has been funded by the UN Democracy Fund (UNDEF) as part of a two-year project to cultivate a global community of practice on participatory local democracy. The report will be available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish, in both print and pdf formats at

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