Engendering livelihoods through decentralisation in Tanzania

Abstract: The underlying drivers of gender inequalities in resource access and control in the Pangani river basin in Tanzania include poor linkage between political and sectoral decentralization. The engendering livelihood model is proposed as an alternative and options are discussed.

Author(s): Olemako, T.R.; Munishi, P.K.T.; Kadigi, R.M.J.

Source(s): , Development review : beyond research; Vol. 1, Issue 1 p. 64-92, ill., graphs, tab Development review : beyond research Vol. 1, Issue 1

Published: 2012 Development CAFÉ, Nairobi (English

ISBN/ISSN: /2220-7651

Link: http://thedevelopmentreview.org/Papers/TDR_Volume1Issue1.pdf#page=64

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