The Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF)

Image Courtesy of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum

Through conferences and events, programs and projects, and research and information, the Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) works to promote and strengthen democratic local government across the Commonwealth nations while also encouraging the exchange of best practice. Working with national and local governments, CLGF supports the development of democratic values and good local governance.

The CLGF draws on the influential networks within the Commonwealth to provide a solid basis for its programs and activities. Officially recognized by Commonwealth Heads of Government, the CLGF is well-placed to influence policy development, democracy and good governance at the local level.

The CLGF ensures that local government’s voice is heard within the Commonwealth and that it gets full recognition and support in the Commonwealth family. In its efforts to promote democratic values and good local governance, CLGF ensures that local government is recognized as an important sphere of government both nationally and internationally.  The CLGF also encourages national government to take action to support stronger local governance and to supports its members in developing a better and more democratic local governance.

The CLGF currently has more than 160 members in 40 Commonwealth countries including local government associations, individual local authorities, ministries dealing with local government.

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