Why quality matters : a multi-level analysis of decentralization, local government performance and legitimating beliefs in post-conflict Sierra Leone

Abstract: A study of the effect of political decentralization in post-conflict Sierra Leone on legitimization shows that improvements in service delivery under conditions of decentralized governments are associated with greater trust in local government authorities. Author(s): Sacks, Audrey; Larizza, Marco Source(s): , 16 p., ill., graphs, map Published: 2011 University of Essex. Institute for democracy…

Reshaping institutions : evidence on aid impacts using a pre-analysis plan

Abstract: Minority participation requirements were imposed in the GoBifo “community driven development” project in Sierra Leone to make local institutions more egalitarian. This enhanced local public goods provision in the short run, but had no effect to durably reshape local institutions. Author(s): Casey, Katherine; Glennerster, Rachel; Miguel, Edward Source(s): , 42 p., ill., tabs new…

Youth participation in local governance : toolkit and action plan : educate, empower and engage

Abstract: This toolkit helps promote young people’s participation in decision-making, and encourage the inclusion of youth in local governance practices that sustains effective decentralizing of decision-making processes. A brief comparative of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ghana is included. Author(s): Source(s): , viii, 43 p., ill., maps Published: 2011 NAYMOTE-Liberia, Monrovia (English ISBN/ISSN: / Link: http://naymote.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Youth-and-Local-Govt-Toolkit.pdf

Introduction to the Mwananchi programme : strengthening citizen engagement

Abstract: The Programme Director explains how the project will bring together media, civil society organisations (CSOs) and elected representatives to create ‘coalitions of change’ and strengthen citizen engagement in seven African countries. Author(s): Tembo, Fletcher Source(s): , 2.55 min., ill. Published: 2010 Overseas development institute (ODI)]. Mwananchi programme, [London etc. (English ISBN/ISSN: / Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvEHuof1ClA

Mwananchi : strengthening citizen engagement

Abstract: The Mwananchi Programme promotes local governance issues to strengthen citizens’ voices and improve governance and accountability in Africa. The programme works in Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Southern Sudan, Uganda and Zambia. Author(s): Source(s): , Published: 2010 Overseas development institute (ODI)]. Mwananchi programme, [London etc. (English ISBN/ISSN: / Link: http://www.mwananchi-africa.org/

Decentralization and local institutional arrangements for wetland management in Ethiopia and Sierra Leone

Abstract: Author(s): Maconachie, Roy; Dixon, Alan B.; Wood, Adrian Source(s): , Applied geography; vol. 30 p. 1-11, ill., maps Applied geography vol. 30 Published: 2008 Elsevier, [Amsterdam etc.] (English ISBN/ISSN: /0143-6228 Link: http://eprints.worc.ac.uk/606/1/Maconachie_Dixon___Wood_(In_Press)_Decentralization_and_local_institutional_arrangements.pdf

Remove or reform? : a case for (restructuring) chiefdom governance in post-conflict Sierra Leone

Abstract: Fieldwork from three districts in Sierra Leone suggests that chiefdom authority continues to have considerable support. In particular, section chiefs and headmen are seen as being particularly important for settling small disputes, especially in the rural areas. Author(s): Sawyer, Edward Source(s): , African affairs; Vol. 107, Issue 428 p. 387-403, ill., graph, tabs African…