Testing democracy : which way is South Africa going?

Abstract: South Africa’s democ¬racy is assessed through Idasa’s Democracy Index, comprising 100 questions that interrogate how closely democracy meets the broadly defined ideal of popular self-government. The main topics are: participation, elections, accountability, political freedom, and human dignity.

Author(s): Misra-Dexter, Neeta; February, Judith

Source(s): , xxviii, 282 p., ill., graphs, tabs

Published: 2010 Idasa, Cape Town (English

ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-920409-15-9/

Link: http://www.idasa.org/media/uploads/outputs/files/Idasa%27s%20Democracy%20Index%20-%20State%20of%20Democracy%20in%20SA.pdf

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