Burundi : land policy making in a conflict-prone country : summary paper

Abstract: The Burundian Government deals with the multiple problems and conflicts related to land management by encouraging alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and by better recognizing local practices and local land management systems. Author(s): Kohlhagen, Dominik Source(s): , [8] p. Published: 2012 World bank, Washington, DC (English ISBN/ISSN: / Link: http://landandpoverty.com/agenda/pdfs/paper/kohlhagen_full_paper.pdf

Participatory GIS tools for mapping indigenous knowledge in customary land tenure dynamics : case of peri-urban northern Ghana

Abstract: This study examines whether participatory geographic information systems (PGIS) can be used to map indigenous knowledge (IK) of land tenure dynamics in northern Ghana. It was found that IK flexible and dynamic and that PGIS has potential for use in land adjudication. Author(s): Lamptey, Florence Source(s): , ix, 81, ill., maps, tabs Published: 2009…