Introducing the RDLG Bibliographic Database

We are pleased to announce that the Rural Decentralization and Local Government (RDLG) Database, with its 1600 bibliographic entries – is now part of this website. The Royal Tropical Institute in the Netherlands has, for many years, supported its development and operation within its KIT Information and Library Services. When the services closed in August 2013 due…

Administratio publica : editions

Abstract: Administratio Publica is a quarterly journal. The aim of the journal is to promote academic scholarship in Public Administration and Management and related fields. It is produced by the Association of Southern African Schools and Departments of Public Administration and Management (ASSADPAM). Author(s): Source(s): , Published: 2013 Association of southern African schools and departments…

Abstract: The Biblioteca virtual Municipal is the repository of the Latin American Federation of Cities, Municipalities and Associations of Local Governments (FLACMA), which contains over 7000 documents in various languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Portuguese. Author(s): Source(s): , Published: 2012 Federación Latinoamericana de ciudades, municipios y asociaciones de gobiernos locales (FLACMA), Quito…

KIT information portal : rural decentralization and local governance

Abstract: KIT’s information portal on Rural Decentralization and Local Governance provides free, full-text electronic resources on ways in which local government can promote equitable and sustainable growth and reduce poverty. Author(s): KIT Source(s): , Published: 2011 Royal tropical institute (KIT), Amsterdam (English ISBN/ISSN: / Link:

Accountability tools for policy research : an online source of accountability tools for organisations conducting policy relevant research

Abstract: The One World Trust designed this accountability database to support researchers, campaigners and research managers to think through the way they use evidence to influence policy in an accountable way. Author(s): Source(s): , Published: 2010 One world trust, [London] (English ISBN/ISSN: / Link: