Developmental local government : putting local government at the heart of development : Commonwealth local government conference, 14-17 May 2013, Kampala, Uganda

Abstract: This website provides information on the Commonwealth Local Government Conference of 14-17 May 2013 in Kampala, Uganda. It is entitled: developmental local government. Information includes video, a programme outline, key speakers, an online registration form, and news. Author(s): CLGF Source(s): , Published: 2013 Commonwealth local government forum (CLGF), London (English ISBN/ISSN: / Link:

Van Vollenhoven institute [for law, governance, and development]

Abstract: Through research and teaching, the Van Vollenhoven Institute seeks to contribute to a better understanding of the formation and functioning of legal systems in developing countries and their effectiveness in contributing to good governance and development. Author(s): Van Vollenhoven Institute For Law And Administration In Non-Western Countries Source(s): , Published: 2012 Universiteit Leiden, Van…

DDP : Democracy development programme

Abstract: Since its initiation in 1993, the DDP has been a non-partisan non-profit organisation, supporting capacity building on governance and civil society levels to ensure that both are empowered for meaningful participation in South Africa’s social transformation. Author(s): Source(s): , Published: 2012 Democracy development programme (DDP), Durban (English ISBN/ISSN: / Link:

The implications of federalism and decentralisation on socio-economic conditions in Ethiopia

Abstract: This paper analyses impacts of the federal system and decentralization on Ethiopia’s socio-economic development, with special reference to the health and eduction sectors. The principles of the Ethiopian federal system as well as those of the 2001/2002 decentralisation process are highlighted. Author(s): Zimmermann-Steinhart, Petra; Bekele, Yakob Source(s): , [Potchefstroom electronic law journal] (PER); Vol.…

Sharpening our understanding of decentralisation : summary of the ‘Grand panel’ discussion

Abstract: In July 2012, an advanced seminar on decentralization was held in Brussels to address the following questions: (1) why should donor agencies care more about decentralization? (2) how can decentralisation be “instrumental” to development? and (3) how to provide smart support to decentralization? Author(s): Source(s): , 1 blog file Published: 2012, Brussels (English…