E-government implementation and practice in developing countries

Abstract: [Partial preview] This book reports on the current developments with e-government. It discusses m-government, e-governance, e-participation, e-inclusion, and the use of mobile phones and social networking . Many developing countries experience problems with the adoption of e-government systems. Author(s): Mahmood, Zaigham Source(s): , Advances in electronic government, digital divide, and regional development series 420…

Mobile technologies and empowerment : enhancing human development through participation and innovation

Abstract: By looking at basic concepts, current trends and real life examples, this primer shows how development practitioners can harness the potential of mobile technologies to improve human development outputs and public services at the local and country level, especially for poor, rural people. Author(s): Zambrano, Raúl; Seward, Ruhiya Kristine Source(s): , 55 p., ill.,…

The relationship between transparent and participative government : a study of local governments in the United States

Abstract: The article provides public administrators with greater insight into causes of and relationships between transparency and participation. Author(s): Welch, Eric W. Source(s): , International review of administrative sciences; vol. 78, no. 1 p. 93-115, ill., tabs International review of administrative sciences vol. 78, no. 1 Published: 2012 Sage, [S.l.] (English ISBN/ISSN: /1461-7226 Link: http://ras.sagepub.com/content/78/1/93.full

FreeBalance : modernizing public financial management = modernise la gestion des finances publiques = modernizando el manejo de las finanzas públicas

Abstract: FreeBalance is a global provider of software solutions for public financial management (PFM). PFM is an essential part of the international development process. FreeBalance solutions support government modernization, fiscal decentralization, and public finance reform across all levels of government. Author(s): Source(s): , Published: 2012 FreeBalance, Ottawa [etc.] (English; French; Spanish ISBN/ISSN: / Link: http://www.freebalance.com/

Sustaining customary land secretariats for improved interactive land governance in Ghana

Abstract: Capacity building of traditional land governance institutions is increasingly favoured in Africa. In Ghana, 37 customary land secretariats (CLSs) have been established or strengthened with a strong emphasis on IT, but little understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of human-land relationships. Author(s): Bugri, John Source(s): , 28 p., ill., tabs Published: 2012 World bank, Washington,…

Internet & gouvernance locale : vers une administration et une gouvernance électronique des communes du Bénin

Abstract: With support from the Internet Society (ISOC), the IGL Bénin network aims to promote the use of the Internet for providing public services and to improve the relations between citizens and local governments. Author(s): Source(s): , Published: 2012 Internet society (ISOC). Benin chapter, [S.l.] (French ISBN/ISSN: / Link: http://www.igl-benin.net/

The democratic impact of ICT in Africa

Abstract: This paper develops the so-called “African model of ICT practice”, which proposes a set of hypotheses that aim to enable the effective usage and integration of ICT within the democratic process in the context of an African self-defined political reality. Author(s): Dobra, Alexandra Source(s): Africa Spectrum; 47(2012)1, p. 73-88, ill Africa Spectrum 47(2012)1 Published:…